Seven Days to Success Challenge


Happy New Year Ladies!

Today kicks off a seven day Plan Of Action (POA) that we're going to do together as a team!

Why? Because many of us (myself included!) took some time off over the holidays and are trying to restart our businesses and get some momentum going into the launch of our new line on 1/6!

Here's how it will work:

Each day I'm going to post a task (via email) for all of us to complete. They may be short, they may be long, or they may be in between - but each will contain some task you can complete to move your business forward. When you've completed the task, send me an email stating that you've done so. EVERYONE who completes all seven will be rewarded for participating with a pack of Look Books! You don't have to do one a day...if you'd prefer, you can wait a few days and then complete all those you missed. The important part is that you're DOING the tasks - not necessarily WHEN you do them!

So…here we go!

Today's Focus - DOT DOLLARS

Dot Dollars redemption starts tomorrow! This is a quick, easy way to get sales going this month without having to leave your home!

Step One:

Familiarize yourself with the FAQs of Dot Dollars redemption:

Step Two:

Draft a Dot Dollars email that is in your email, ready and waiting to be sent out tomorrow morning! Yes - Home Office will be sending a redemption email to all earners, but what sets you apart from others is your customer service, so it's your job to reach out separately as well! I'm attaching a sample below. Tomorrow morning you'll be able to access a report of all Dot Dollars earners and their email addresses in the Lounge, so it will be easy to just go in and copy and paste these addresses into your email and send it out.

"Happy New Year! I am reaching out because you have earned yourself some discounted sparkles! For each $50 that you spent in December, you received a $25 DOT DOLLAR code. One $25.00 DOT DOLLAR code can NOW be redeemed for each $50.00 spent - the more dollars you have earned the more discounts you will receive. Any code that is not used by January 10th will expire. The redemption period is from 1/3-1/10 only.

You will receive a code to enter at checkout - in fact, it's likely you've received that code via email today!

Dot Dollars can only be redeemed online, however if anyone has a problem with their order I will be more than willing to assist. Also if anyone needs to check out the product prior to purchase let me know and I can do an in home Private VIP showing.

Prior to your purchase, it would be helpful to set up your online account. This can be done by going, click on log in, enter the email you provided me with upon placing your first order, and then click on need your password. You will be sent a link to set up your account. However again, if you have any problems setting up your account, please don’t hesitate to call me!

Thanks so much for your continued support - Happy Shopping!

xo, Hailey"'s on, ladies! Send me an email when you're done. Ready, set, go! xo Hailey