Swine Euthansia And Composting

Ajanay Hines

Euthansia And Composting

  • The humane way of slaughtering an animal.
  • Suppose to be quick
  • Lose consious fast
  • Many Different Methods

Composting Methods:

animals will be composted if they are severely injured with the inabiloity to recover.

  • Burial- To Burry
  • Incineration- Burn
  • Rendering- A process that converts waste animal tissue into stable

Importance To Producers

Less Stress Better Taste

  • Quick kill cause no stress for the animal
  • No stress means better product
  • Better product means more money coming in and less money wasted

Importance To Consumers

  • If the process is not done right you can be given bad meat.
  • The way the animals are treated will effect the product and we buy the product
  • In order for the product to come out perfect they must limit the amount of stress

All Methods Of Euthansia

  • Carbon Dioxide- replaces oxygen in the body and causes rapid aneshesia and then death cause by respiratory arrest.
  • Electricution to the head
  • Electricution to the head and heart-
  • Veternarian ad,inistrated anesthetic overdose-cause cardiac arrest
  • Captive bolt gun- causes concussion and severe trauma of the brain without breaking the skin.
  • Blunt Trauma (only for suckling pigs)- a blow to the top of the head
  • Gun shot- the gun shot must be to the head


I Recommend using these euthansia methods for swine:

  • Electric shock from the head to the heart
  • Carbon chambers: It's like they are going to sleep and its very settlte

These are the best two methods.

Not Reccomended:

  • Gun shot

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