Peter The Great

Lara Bagdas

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Peter took the throne in Russia in 1682


Peter did not tolerate dishonesty, he was terrible in his anger and could be cruel a lot of the time. He was also an extremely curious kid.
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Modernizing With Force: Peter improved education, simplified the Russian alphabet, he imported Western technology, and had academies set up for the sole purpose of mathematics, science, and engineering. He improved waterways and canals, developed mining and textile manufacturing. He also backed new trading companies. Peter had no care for those who didn't believe in the new order. He tortured and executed over 1,000 rebels after elite palace guards revolted.

Peter Expands Russia’s Borders: He created the largest standing army in Europe, built a world-class navy from scratch, and set out to extend Russian borders to the west and south.

The Great Northern War: In 1709, Peter defeated the Swedes and won territory along the Baltic Sea. The long war started in 1700 against the kingdom of Sweden, which at the time, dominated the Baltic region.

Building St. Petersburg: Since Peter earned land after the war, he built a new capital city, St. Petersburg. He asked Italian architects and artisans to design great palaces in Western style. He also planned the city’s parks and boulevards. St. Petersburg became a great symbol of Peter’s effort to forge a modern Russia.

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Controlling the Church and the Nobles: He brought all Russian institutions under his control, one was the Russian Orthodox Church. He forced landowning nobles, to serve the state or military positions. He also made minor changes like forcing boyars to shave their beards. He also wanted a change in wardrobe and forced them to switch out their old fashioned robes for Western-style clothes. Peter wanted the nobles to continue to serve the state so he passed a law that stated how nobles had full control over their land.
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