Laser Tag Guide

By Carter Montgomery


Hey do you like laser tag? then this is the book for you. It has all you can learn to be a pro. so lets get started .

Capter 1 gear

In laser tag you need a chest plate and a laser gun if someone shoots you in the chest thats 50 points in the back 30 and the gun 15 well thats gear now powers.


One power is spy that makes your gear turn into the other teams so it looks like you're on their team. A different power is freeze for a few seconds so they can't fire at you. Then when you use x2 points you get 100 for chest 60 for back and 30 for gun. Well now recharging.


A tip to recharge is to stay at your bace so you can't run out of ammo. If you here clicking sounds you need to rush to your bace and recharge. If you are out raise your hand and say out of ammo and go to your bace well now signing in.

Signing in

Signing in is kind of fun your parants sign things like birth email phone number which sounds boring but you get to pick a name like Bigbommer or Toy soldier which is cool. But you have to wait like 4 minutes but its worth it. In side the laser tag stadium there's a arcade with games like drop the ball,doddle jump and raceing. Now to the next chapter sports


Laser tag is not like eneny sport golf soccer football you name it. Well I think it's most like football because a QB throws the football to the players in the chest like you want to shoot someone in the chest to get more points well an a good staraige is to make a big group of people and charge at there bace. Thanks for reading see you there.
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