Peasants’ War

Nabil Sawal

What caused the Peasants’ War?


The Peasants’ War in Germany was a series of conflicts among the various princes in Germany and those who worked under them during a time of both economic and religious change in Germany. The best known and documented conflict surrounds Thomas Muntzer and the revolt in the region of Thuringia in Germany.
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What happened during the war?

The class the suffered the most during the peasants' war was the clergy. They have lost everything during the war, everything was burnt down and it's was a huge loss for them.
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Ending of the war

After the peasants took control of Freiburg in Breisgau, Hans Muller took some of the group to assist in the siege at Radolfzell. The rest of the peasants returned to their farms. On 4 June, by Wurzburg, Muller and his small group of peasant-soldiers joined with the Franconian farmers of the Hellen Lichten Haufen. Despite this union, the strength of their force was relatively small.
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