The amazing killer whale


Killer Whales Ecosystem Descrition

Killer whales live in cold waters and they are a the top of the food chain.They are commenly found in old waters.Killer whales will be found every where but Artic Ocean .Killer whales eat a lot of animals.Some are rays,Sharks,fish,and a lot of other animals to.these are all biotic stuff and there is also something called abiotic. These are some abiotic things sand,water, and rocks.Abiotic things are stuff that are not alive.Biotic things that are alive that love in the same ecosystem.

Food chain

This is a food chain of a killer whales. It is at the top of the food chain.It starts from something called phytoplankton and then that gets eaten by zooplankton and then a squid comes and then a seal eats the squid then comes the killer whales.
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Food web

The food web is every complicated but I will tell you some that are in the killer whales food web. The first animal is the phytoplankton and then krill then gets eat by a panguins and the panguins get eaten by the leopard seals then the killer whales come in and eats every thing.There are different ways to go through the food web.

Effects of Hunting

When people kill killer whales for hunting they die quicker then they have been. Killer whales are at risk and if we keep killing them these majestic animal they will be gone . If we kill them all we will never be able to see them ever again.After we kill them there is no way to bring them back.

Human inpact

If we keep on hunting killer whales they might go extinct if we keep hunting them.This magnificent animals might never be seen again.But if we stop hunting them there population might grow lot more.

Forcing killer whales

Human force killer whales to do something they don't want to do every day.In sea world you see those killer whales do acts and plays.Sea World has finally saw what they were doing wrong and they are trying to do the right thing now.they have been trying to set the killer whales free. When killer whales are in captivity there live spand is shorter than a free killer whale.

Oil spills

When oil gets in to the water every thing changes.The food that the killer whales eat get contaminated with oil and that will makes them sick and die of quicker.

Why people shouldn't hunt my animal

If there was a over population there would be a lot of killer whales out in the ocean,but if there was a under population there would only be a few left.In my opinion we should not hunt killer whales.