The Happiness Project

A COTS & Challenge Detroit Interior Design Event

Do You Have Interior Designing Skills!?!

As COTS is transitioning to a family only facility, to further enhance the sustainability programming, the Happiness Project promotes a creative opportunity to improve the quality of COTS consumer's experiences. Creative individuals, particularly with a background or experience in interior design are strongly encouraged to participate in a weekend project in giving back to the COTS community. With a capacity to increase functional use of community spaces throughout the Petersboro location, COTS is in need of design upgrades. Community spaces are to be family-friendly and foster individual growth, communication, a sense of family and relaxation. Renovations to the Chill Room, Dining Room, and Outdoor Patio space will further enhance and support COTS family focused mission.

Don't Have Design Skills!?! Join Us with your Helping Hands!

We understand not everyone is a living Martha Stewart but your willingness to serve would be much appreciated. During our event weekend volunteer opportunities are available to make the Happiness Project a success!

The Happiness Project

Saturday, Jan. 31st 2015 at 10am to Sunday, Feb. 22nd 2015 at 3pm

26 Peterboro St

Detroit, MI

Program Schedule

January 5th- Request For Proposal Application Deadline

January 31st- The Happiness Project Begins

February 22nd- The Happiness Project Ends

February 23rd- Ribbon Cutting and Happiness Project Presentation

Coalition on Temporary Shelter

Since 1982, COTS has been committed to serving the most vulnerable members of the Detroit community. With a rich continuum of programs and services that empower people, COTS is proud to report measurable results of the agency’s efforts

COTS exists to alleviate homelessness by providing an array of services that enable people to achieve self-sufficiency and obtain quality affordable housing. COTS also exists to advocate for long-term solutions to the problems of homelessness.