Antarctic Toothfish

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The Antarctic Toothfish can be a blue-green to brown color and is quite prehistoric looking. Fully grown adults can vary in size from 95-220 cm. They can weigh up to 120 kg and have been recorded to have lived for over 40 years.
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The Antarctic Toothfish can be mostly found in the Ross sea of Antarctica and is a bottom dweller (meaning that it lives on the bottom) living over 2 200m deep.
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The toothfish mostly eat other fish or crustaceans. They also don't mind eating Squids.


Some animals that are predatory to the Antarctic Toothfish are; Weddell Seals, Sperm Whales, Giant Squid and a specific type of killer whale that almost only eats toothfish.

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If you were an Antarctic Toothfish you would not want to go near these guys.

Breeding, wildlife status & population

Not much is known about the breeding cycle of this fish though it is likely that they mature between 13 and 17.

The wildlife status of the Antarctic toothfish has not been evaluated as yet.

This means that the population has not been found.


They migrate every 24 hours from the seafloor to mid-range during the night to feed on the crustaceans.


First and foremost; the Antarctic Toothfish has anti-freeze in its blood tissues so that its blood does not become all crystallised and then all the blood would freeze causing the animal to die.

Second; it has special chemicals in its eyes so that in the freezing cold water they still can see clearly.

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