Dolly Parton

biography by: Brittany B

About her early life

Dolly Parton moved after high school to Nashville to pursue music. She grew up one of 12 children and very poor in Rural Appalachia, money was always a issue for her family! She resieved a guitar, at age of 10 and started preforming professionally.Dolly Parton was born on January 19, 1946, in Locust Ridge, Tennessee. Parton has been married to Carl Dean since 1966. This amazing couple met at a laundromat two years ealier. Her first exposure to music came from her mother who sang around her.


When Dolly Parton moved to Nashville after high school she won a number of country music and grammy awards, and starred in the hit films 9 to 5, and Steel Magnolias. She opened her Dollywood theme park in 1986 and was inducted into the country music hall of fame in 2000. Much of the early music Parton learned were church songs. She resieved a guitar at the age of 10 and started preforming professionally, appearing on locial television and radio shows in Knoxville, her singing career really started to take off in 1967. Around this time she partnered with Porton Wagoner on The Porter Wagoner show, they became popular duo and the pair recorded a slew of country hits together.

Interesting Facts

Some things you may not know.......

  • Parton and Carl decided to get married, but Foster warned against it, thinking she might have more record-buying appeal if she was single. Parton told Foster she would wait, but then she and Carl secretly got married in Ringgold, Georgia, on May 30, 1966, at the Ringgold Baptist Church. They kept it a secret for a year.


Awards: Country Music Award, Vocal Group of the Year with Porter Wagoner, 1968, 1970, 1971; Country Music Award, Female Vocalist of the Year, 1975, 1976; Country Music Award, Entertainer of the Year, 1978; Grammy Award, Best Country Vocal Performance, Female, "9 to 5," 1981; Grammy Award, Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal, Trio, with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, 1988; Country Music Award, Vocal Event of the Year, Trio with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, 1988; Country Music Award, Vocal Event of the Year, "I Will Always Love You," 1996; Grammy Award, Best Country Collaboration With Vocals, "After the Gold Rush" with Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris, 1999; Grammy Award, Best Bluegrass Album, The Grass is Blue with Gary Paczosa and Steve Buckingham, 2000; Grammy Award, Best Female Country Vocal Performance, "Shine," 2001; Living Legend award, United States Library of Congress, 2003. She has won alot of amazing awards.

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How i would describe Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a caring sweet, king , pretty lady, she has a amazing voice and can act sing and a lot of other things, she is very talented and kind-heart.

Dolly Parton had a positive effect on society....

She helps with charity and helps people that feel bad or are hurt or even sick, she trys to make them feel better. She is very kind for doing this.

I choose this person cause...

Dolly Parton can do a lot of things like acting singing,etc

she really had me interested in her. she is very entertaining.

She is interesting because of how she came from nobody to somebody, also her ability to sing and etc. she really cool and kind.

what i learned doing this project...

That Dolly Parton is a caring person and has a lot of awards and can sing dance and act etc... She also had a rough time growing up. i learned a lot. i hope u did!!!!!!!!!!!!!