It's Time!

The Most Anticipated Event Of The Decade!!

This may sound a little crazy, but I believe this show is a bigger deal than a summer blockbuster

It's already rewarding to see how this episode is able to quickly impact other people's lives over and over.

Let me explain:
People all over the nation (and the world) follow the buzz of a summer blockbuster sometimes weeks in advance. I know my friends did before Guillermo del Toro's recent flick, Iron Man 3, Ridley Scott's Prometheus, and others.

They start researching insider info before the movie's release date. They get focused. They anticipate a great time.

Now, I s-o-m-e-t-i-m-e-s get as pumped up as anyone for a great blockbuster, but I also realize that after watching the movie…life just goes on.

Pretty much the same as it did before.
And that is how the Project AWOL show is different.

You are going to witness proven life-changing information.

You are going to be given solutions that immediately improve the quality of your life and your future.
Project A.W.O.L. Supertease