English News

Week of December 12-16

Important Dates

Winter Break: Dec. 19- Jan. 2

End of Third Six Weeks & Semester One: Jan. 13


English I PAP: Students will continue reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Students will be analyzing setting, characterization, and conflict and how each yield a thematic insight into what it means to be human.

English II: Students will continue synthesizing Night, "Occupation: Conductorette" (a memoir excerpt), their independent reading novel, and personal experience answering the prompt: To what extent does one's culture inform the way one views others and the world? This thinking will result in a synthesis essay due prior to break (2nd minor grade of MP3).

English I Pre-AP Curriculum

Students will have read through chapter 28 for Tuesday's class. We will use To Kill a Mockingbird as a vehicle to study the relationships among setting, characterization, and conflict in order to better make sense of human nature and growth of individuals and society. Students will practice annotating the text for these concepts in an effort to read actively.

Students will continuing analyzing and discussing setting, characterization, and conflict in TKAM. This week we will continue practicing articulating our analysis through writing and formal discussion with peers.

English II Curriculum

The goal of this mini unit is to synthesize the novella, Night, "Occupation: Conductorette," the independent reading novel each student has been reading, and personal experience. Since human nature is the common denominator of these works, we are encouraging students to make subtle connections among the works although the works varying in content.

Students will utilize their annotations, brainstorming, and pre writing to construct a synthesis essay answering the prompt: To what extent does one's culture inform the way one views others and the world? Last week, students wrote a thesis statement, topic sentences, and found textual evidence to support their topic sentences. This week, students will fill in with their own commentary and will construct the essay as a whole. This includes edits and revisions such as the elimination of be verbs and contractions and the utilization of MLA format and transition words.

Google Classroom Login Instructions

Their email address is firstname.lastname.last3digitsofid#@k12.friscoisd.org and their password is their birthday daymonthyear (For example: 06232000)

There are also Google Classroom, Google Docs, & Google Slides apps. Students are encouraged to have the Google Classroom app on their phones.