Jeans for Jamarcus

First Grade Challenge

Hello Parents!

Our school received the information that participating schools in our area are holding a Jeans for Jamarcus day to raise money. Jamarcus is a child in our community with a brain tumor. Dr. Ricks personally asked the students if they felt the call to donate $1each or more to Jamarcus. In return, they can wear jeans to school on Monday!

The key words being, $1 or more. I am challenging my class to donate more. I will have a basket in my classroom today through Monday with a challenge to do more. I will personally match the highest donation up to $50!

As I thought of this, I saw your little ones and I saw mine. They are healthy and we are blessed. Lets show that first grade can do more than $1. Please send in as much as you can for Jamarcus, now through Monday.

Our class is in the midst of an end of the year kindness challenge. This falls perfectly with a challenge to give to a good cause. Ask your little ones to share their own money as well.

The highest contributor will earn a special treat!

Much love,

Mrs. Lyons