College Football: The Playoffs.

Who Will Win? Oregon, Alabama, Ohio State, or Florida State?

Why Not TCU or Baylor?

TCU and Baylor were not included in the College Football Playoffs because TCU beat West Virginia @ West Virginia and Baylor lost to West Virginia @ West Virginia. Even though Baylor beat TCU, it was only by a few points. The people who choose who is in the playoffs are called the Selection Committee. They choose who is in the playoffs based a factors such as injuries, wins and loses, and their competition

Teams and the Playoffs


Even though this season is almost over there is always next one. Who knows who will succeed next season. Our prediction for next season is Alabama, because their quarterback will have a lot more practice by next season. Maybe TCU will make it next season. But who knows. College Football is a weird place.

About us

We are two awesome kids named Tristan and Nick from Marquette Catholic School in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Top Ten Trick Plays of College Football

Our Prediction?

Our prediction is that Oregon will win the playoffs. This is so because Marcus Mariota is the best quarterback in College Football right now. Last week, Marcus won the Heisman Trophy. Oregon also has a good offensive line, that protects Marcus Mariota while he is in the pocket.
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"Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority."

Vince Lomabrdi

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