Classical Columns

NOVEMBER 1, 2021

2022-2023 Enrollment

It's nearly that time of year again! Classical School's new student application period for the 2022-2023 school year will begin December 1, 2021. Applications will be accepted for the lottery through February 18, 2022. Any applications received after that date will be added to the waiting list (or enrollment list if we still have openings) in the order in which they are received.

Students who are currently attending Classical School do NOT need to reapply; however, siblings who are not currently enrolled at Classical School must submit a completed application during the lottery application acceptance window to be included in and receive sibling priority in the lottery drawing. Incoming kindergarteners for the 2022-2023 school year also need to apply between December 1, 2021 and February 18, 2022 to be included in the lottery drawing.

Paper applications will be available beginning December 1st in the school office. Alternatively, there will be an online application that may be accessed from the school's website beginning on December 1, 2021 at : Please contact Sara Schroeder with any questions about the lottery process:


Please be sure to send a face mask and a spare to school with your child every day. Our budget is taking a hit purchasing masks for students. Thank you!

Alumni Reception, Fall Fest & Book Fair

Thank you, Ann Krieg and Laurie Munson, for coordinating Fall Fest and Book Fair!

We so appreciate your hard work and the many hours you put into the planning and execution of each event! We also thank the many, many parent, staff, and student volunteers who donated their time to making this an enjoyable night for all. It was great to see so many new parents get involved and as always we so appreciate the parents who have been with us through many of these events supporting our efforts and giving of their time and talents.


The Classical School staff would like to thank Lindsey McConnell and Sara Rademaker and their Staff Appreciation Committee for the delicious dinners and treats provided to us for conference dinners.

Thank you to everyone who donated money! Your efforts helped keep our Classical teachers happy, hydrated, and full during conference week!


The 2021-2022 yearbook cover contest starts on November 1, 2021! If students are interested, they can pick up a packet from their homeroom teacher. The packet outlines the guidelines to participate and very important due dates.

Soon we will have a Google folder for families to put yearbook pictures in. Stay tuned!


Homework for students that miss school due to illness may be picked up after 2:49 pm from the homework cart which is located in the office. Homework is automatically collected by the teachers daily and delivered to the office at the end of the day. The homework cart is moved out of the office to just inside the front entrance after 3:00 pm. The building is open until 6:00 pm for late homework pickup.


Is Your Child Well Enough to Go to School?

It is not always easy to decide if your child is sick enough to stay home or well enough to be in school. Please screen your student prior to coming to school with the following: AASD Student Screening and Illness Guide. Children who come to school are expected, with few exceptions, to participate fully in school activities.

Here are some guidelines that might help in a parent’s decision-making if they don’t fit within the parameters of the AASD Student Screening and Illness Guide.

  1. Fever: A fever of 100.4 degrees or more signals an illness that is probably going to make a student uncomfortable and unable to function well in class. Your child should stay home until his or her temperature is less than 100 degrees (without the use of fever reducing medication) for 24 hours and he/she is feeling better.

  2. Vomiting, Diarrhea, or Severe Nausea: These are symptoms that require a student to remain at home until a normal diet is tolerated for 24 hours.

  3. Infectious Diseases: Diseases such as impetigo, pink eye with thick drainage, and strep throat require a health care provider’s visit and prescription for medication. Contacting the health care provider and using the medicine as directed for the full recommended length of time are necessary. A student may return to school 24 hours after the first dose of an antibiotic and if he/she is feeling well.

  4. Rashes: Rashes or patches of broken, itchy skin need to be examined by a health care provider if they appear to be spreading or not improving.

  5. Injuries: If a student has an injury that causes continuous discomfort, the student should not attend school until the condition is checked by a healthcare provider or it improves. Injuries that interfere with class participation need a medical evaluation. If participation in physical education classes is not recommended, a health care provider’s excuse is required.

If your child becomes ill in school, we will need to be able to reach you. Please make sure to notify the office of any work or phone number changes as they occur.

If you have further questions, please contact your school nurse through the school office.


Classical School will be participating in the mini charter fair on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 from 10:00 am -- 1:00 pm. at the Community Early Learning Center (CELC). The CELC is located at 313 S. State Street in Appleton. Please share this information with any families you know who may be interested in learning more about Classical School or other charter school options.

Please also note Classical School will again be holding information sessions for prospective families on Monday, December 13, 2021 and Wednesday, January 19, 2022. These sessions will be held at 6:30 pm at Classical School.


Report cards will go home on Thursday, November 11th, in the Pegasus Flyers for all grades. Middle School Honor Roll will be posted on November 15th outside each middle school homeroom. We will also include the Honor Roll in next month's Classical Columns.


Students are off from school Thursday, November 25th through Friday, November 26th. Have a wonderful holiday!


Please be sure to send an extra set of clothes with your kindergarten student in case of bathroom accidents. Kindergarteners feel much more comfortable changing into their own clothes instead of using the loaner clothes provided by the health room. Thank you!


As the winter months begin, families ask for suggestions for special treats or gifts to give teachers and other staff members. To make this easier for families, we have asked staff members to fill out a list of favorite treats, hobbies, and interests, etc. The binder with this list can be found by the Welcome Center in the hallway outside the school office. Please no phone calls/emails to the school office regarding the lists. Thank you!


Classroom teacher monthly newsletters are available on each individual teacher's webpage on the school website. Newsletters contain a summary of plans for each class as well as other important information. While teachers either email or send paper copies of newsletters home at the beginning of each month, if you are unable to locate your copy, you may find it for reference on the website. Navigate to each teacher page from the Staff Directory at


Thank you to all the parents who are using Durkee Street terrace before and after school as a quick drop-off and pick-up spot. Please remember if you like to read, text, or work while you wait for your child(ren), you may choose to park in the Einstein Park or Einstein School parking lots. Parents should not be picking up students from staff parking lots, which are the lots around the school.

Your cooperation is appreciated by all!


Below is a link to a form that the office needs completed if your child(ren) will miss more than two days of school. Please submit this form at least one week in advance of the absence.


Student Council will be collecting food items for the St. Joe's Food Drive November 15th through November 19th. Throughout the week there will be different food items to bring in each day. We will be donating the collected food items to St. Joe's Food Pantry.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!