Forensic scientist

"Weres the criminal" By: Connor Richter 3rd hour

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Information about being a forensic scientist

  1. You go to a crime scene.
  2. You don't have to worry about being a target.
  3. The pay for Wisconsin of forensics Is $34,510 dollars per year and $16.50 per hour.
  4. You get to travel lots of different places.
  5. You help bring peace to a family.
  6. You don't need to get a masters.
  7. Your able to work in a lab.
  8. The job is also a outside one.
  9. You can help find prints on a scene.
  10. You might get to hold confidential information.

Pros and cons of a forensic scientist

  • You get to work in a lab without getting hit by the sun.
  • You get to bring hope to a family for the killer.
  • The crime scene is open to you and you get to help find evidence.

  • Traveling cause you might not get to see your family often
  • Meeting family's because you are bringing up something they want to forget.
  • Getting to see a crime because it might be a gruesome death.

Helpful High school courses needed to be a forensic scientist

Some classes you might need to be a forensic scientist is anatomy, physiology,chemistry, physics, public speaking, and technical writing.

Colleges for a to be forensic scientist

Associations for forensics

Consortium of forensic science organization

American academy of forensic sciences

News paper advertisement

"Do you want to help find criminals? Do you want to bring feast to a family's dead relative? Well then forensics is for you. You are able to help a crime with out having to watch out for the crimanal unless you mean his Dna or any thing he left. Then if you don't want to be in a scorching hot sun or the freezing cold well then you can work the lab. Want to still see the crime but not leave your safe office well then the crime comes to you at the lab. So if your interested just call 1-800-forensic or go to