One in A Million

Feeling and Knowing One is Different

The Only One of Me

This remix is based off my literary narrative that I wrote the beginning of my senior year. It highlights my experiences as one of the only black kids in an all white middle school. In which there was "only one of me"...

No Where in Sight

-I know I am one in a million? Do you?

-Take a look around

-Now open up that big mouth and smile

-smile like u want to and not because you have too

-want to know why?

-it's as simple as this,

-I'm just going to tell you to look around where ever you are

-Because you are not around

-Before you decide not to smile or think that I'm making no sense

-Just listen to what I said, now I'm going to repeat...

-Look around where ever you are, are you around

-But the real question is not where you are?

-It's are you there? Here? Or anywhere?

-For Christ sakes tell me where you are my child, my brother, my sister, my lover and anything else you are to be or want to be

-As you sit and try to understand what I'm saying u will never be able to answer my questions appropriately

-Why? Because 1) You are confused 2) you are thinking nor smiling right now and 3) there is no answer because you are nowhere around

-Read between the lines my love…


I challenge you

Erykah Badu is one of my favorite artist of al time. in fact you do not have to connect but its nice to hear others tell their story ... SO I CHALLENGE YOU TO TELL YOUR STORY IN A ART THAT IS VOCAL...