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St. Louis Catholic High School

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Halo Highlight: New Features at Remote Learning Hub

Dear St. Louis Catholic Community,

We continue to thank you for your flexibility during this evolving situation. Teachers are continuing to instruct & guide learning of essential skills during this last quarter, and we're learning the "connections" are what's most important. Though our school building is now closed to the public, teachers remain available by email and designated virtual office hours (details below). We appreciate our students' adapting to remote learning more than ever.

Here's just one example of our the innovation of our Saints - Ms. Liz Mueller's latest Photography video lesson: (Enjoy the calming music!)

Lesson 2 Looking at the Lines

We continue to draw your attention to the Remote Learning Hub on our website with tips for students and parents, all of Ms. Orgeron's updates, and more. Here's how a video guiding you to access the hub.

And here are some new features:

  • Students, Stay Connected with Padlet! In this time of Social Distancing, share photos of your #QuarantineLife with your classmates & teachers in a safe, secure space:
  1. Seniors - https://padlet.com/mlejeune/seniorsaints
  2. Juniors - https://padlet.com/mlejeune/juniorsaints
  3. Sophomores - https://padlet.com/mlejeune/sophomoresaints
  4. Freshmen - https://padlet.com/mlejeune/freshmensaints
  • Teachers' Virtual Office Hours: Teachers are now available for office hours through Google Meet. Click to view the master list (also in the Student & Parent sections of the Remote Learning Hub).
  • Student Tip #3: You can still read books with the Remote Learning Library! (Web view)
  • Prayer (Web view)

Other Reminders:

  • Students are to work through lessons from Friday-Thursday.
  • Those who are late to turn in work or showing signs of falling behind will receive a follow-up email, as will parents.
  • For tech support, your student's first resource is Mrs. Melanie LeJeune.
  • If your student needs to purchase a new stylus, please email Teresa Ernst to set up a time to get one.


Course Request Portal Open Until Sunday Night

All returning students received an email from Mrs. Holmes Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. containing Course Request Reminders specific to their grade level. Instructional videos from that email are also available on our website. Students should use their computer to log into FACTS SIS (RenWeb) and complete their course requests by Sunday night. Look under STUDENT > COURSE REQUESTS, and don't forget to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.

View our 2020-2021 Course Planning Guide HERE. If you have any questions about the Course Request Portal, please email Mrs. Holmes at sholmes@slchs.org.

Spring Apostolic Hours - Questions Answered

Theology Department Chair Monica Broussard addresses how our Saints can continue being the hands and feet of Christ during this unpredictable time. View the video below.
Service Remote Learning

Saints March to Give...Thanks & Praise

This Sunday will kick off our Week of Thanks & Praise for our Saints community who give so much of themselves by volunteering & giving back to the school they know and love. We are also praying for our nation during this time and for the many hometown heroes who sacrifice daily to make our community safe.

So let’s march together and give thanks & praise for our blessings, and continue to pray for our community! Please join us in signing up to cover the week in prayer. Each time slot is only 20 minutes. Thank you in advance for your continued support!

Student News

Yearbooks Marching On!

Saints March On, and so does the Yearbook staff! We are still committed to making our 50th anniversary edition the best ever. To guarantee a copy of the 2020 yearbook, please make your purchase by next Wednesday, April 1, at Balfour.com.

Not sure if you bought one? Read more.

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