Media Career Reseach

Basic Skills

A photographers basic skills are to, capture subjects that are commerical-quality photographs, using photo enhancing software, and market and advertise services to attract. Also, they use different types of camersa, lights, flashes, lens and software to make their pictures look better.


Some of the many activties you do as a photographer are go to weddings, special events, directing scenes or poses, taking pictures too shoot at or create ideas for photo shoots.

Working Conditions

Taking pictures can be at multiple places such as stuidos, clients locations, outdoors, and going differnet places to shoot at. It depends what kind of photographer you are.

Physical Demands

There are many physical demands for photography. You need to know how to take pictures, use a camera, working with different types of cameras, lens, flashes, and computers. Also, they need to know how to edit the pictures you take, especially if you're self employed.

Hours and Traveling

Being a photographer, you have to work long and irregular hours. Also, you have to travel different places such as, the clients locations, where you want to shoot, and where the destination of your project is.

Educational Requirments

There isn't any required educational expirence to be a photographer, but there is a lot of classes and degrees that can help you, even when you are self employed. Business, marketing, accounting, and photography classes can all help. A bachelors degree also helps you be a successful photographer.


The national average annual wage is $55,000. The average annual wage in Texas is $32,590. The average hour wage is $15.67.

Future Outlooks

The future outlooks for this job seems to grow 4%. The improvments of digital technology will make this job harder to find because of automatic technology and editing sourses. In some cases, the person will actually have to be there for the shoots.
Framed Show - Adam Dillon - Lifestyle Photographer


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