Statement of Ethics

Kanae Ivery

Problems that could happen in the school store

1.Problem: You see a customer grab a bag of chips and walk out.

Solution: You ask the student if they paid for them, if they lie , you tell Mr.Johnson or Mrs. Sayre.

2. Problem: Your short $20 from your sales.

Solution: You recount all the money in the drawer, if your still short tell Johnson or Sayre.

3. Problem: You and four other people work in your lab period. Your the only one who cleans up the store like your supposed to.

Solution: You address the problem to the people you work with in a nice way and if nothing changes, tell Johnson or Sayre.

4. Problem: You make cookies but forget to put the cookie sheet on.

Solution: You tell Johnson or sayre , give the bad ones to the other marketing students and then make new ones the right way.

5.Problem: A student comes in and complains that the pretzels are cold

Solution: You take the pretzels and put them back in the microwave

6. Problem: You forget to set the timer for the cookies

Solution: Turn off the ovens and see how if they look close to being done, if not turn the ovens back on and set the timer for about 5 mintues.

7.Problem: You ring someone up for pretzels instead of cookies.

Solution: You give the customer the right amount of change, you write a note so if the draw is incorrect you will know why. You also should tell Johnson or Sayre

8. Problem: You grab a item and forget to pay for it. Tell Johnson or Sayre the next time you see them and give them the money.

9. Problem: A students wants to buy something but doesn't have enough money for it.

Solution: You tell them nicely that you can't give them the item without the money but to come back the next day.

10. Problem: A student goes behind the counters and into the store office.

Solution: You tell them nicely only marketing students can be behind the counters .