The Best Point Guards of All Time

By: Brant Cole

Bob Cousy

Bob Cousy was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 1950. Boston wasn’t too happy when they got the last lottery pick and had to take Cousy (page 16). Bob made the 1951 All Star Game in his rookie season. That is very, very hard to do. He made every All Star Game from 1951-1963, which is every year he played (page 16). He led the Celtics (after being terrible previously) to 6 NBA Titles. He was one of the most unselfish guards to play basketball, obviously, because he set the record for most assists in a half (19). These are reasons why Bob Cousy is one of the best point guards of all time.
Bob Cousy in his individual year picture with the Boston Celtics

Oscar Robertson

Oscar Robertson was drafted by the Cincinnati Royals in 1960. Before that, he set 14 college records at the University of Cincinnati (page 36). He was also a 3-tme College Player of the Year. Obviously, he was very successful in college. He was Rookie of the Year in 1961 and MVP in 1964 (page 36). Oscar averaged a triple-double (double digits in scoring, assists, and rebounding) in his 2nd season with 31 points, 12 rebounds, and 11 assists. This means he had about 100 triple-doubles in the 1961-1962 season! Some people get only 5 or less! These are all reasons why Oscar Robertson is one of the best point guards of all time.

Oscar Robertson taking a jumper with the Milwaukee Bucks

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson was drafted by the Lakers in 1979. He was the tallest point guard in the NBA ever, and still is, at 6’9 (page 27). He led the Lakers to 5 NBA Titles and was the Finals MVP twice (page 27). He was the regular season MVP 3 times. He set many records, but the most impressive is when he set the record for most assists in a playoff game (24). These are reasons why Magic Johnson is one of the best point guards of all time.

Magic Johnson with the Los Angeles Lakers bringing the ball up the court