Joint Scavenger Hunt

Jeonghee Oh, Zawad Quazi, Yuvan Thunder

Ball and socket joint

This joints let things point any direction throughout hemisphere. One of examples in humans body, which is shoulder,is able to move towards any direction from its vertex to imaginary points. First picture we took shows that, bottom of chair in cafeteria can moves to any direction throughout hemisphere. Second picture we have is hose of fire extinguisher, it can aim toward any direction from person who hold fire extinguisher’s view. Finally we have door crush avoider attached on bottom of a wall. This thing can face any direction towards the door like our shoulders able to do.

Hinge joints

Hinge joints let things connected move one chosen direction only, either left to right or down to up, and limit of 180, which means up to 90 degrees to each side chosen or 180 to one side form starting point. First example is door of trashcan. Way the door of trash can opens and closes are similar to our arm movement, which is fold and stretch. Similarly we have door of refrigerator opens and closes. Lastly third picture shown, cover of mailbox moves like our knee does.

Pivot joints

Gliding joints