I'm ready for discovery


What i'm great at

I'm good at getting to school on time and responsible and turn all my work in every once and a while there will be a missing assignment.I have improved dramatically when I walked in galaxy 313 on August 13th.I was not giving my all and like 20 missing assignments.I'm now better at giving my thinking and all instead of loping around like a deer in the headlights like I used to back in the 1st quarter.I am also a great writer and put my thinking into my writing and fantastic at math and know my math facts in a snap!

What I need to work on!!!

i need to work on focusing and putting things first more often and not just staring in to space and do my work.I extremely need to work on is getting organized like I shove papers in my desk which is very bad and I need to get organized fast and get ready for life.