By Katelyn

The History Of Knitting

Knitting started as nalebinding a type of knotting using 1 needle. The first piece of knitting was a pair of socks. Over time knitting spread across the world. Women used anything to make this fashion: hair picks, skewers, spindles and sharpened sticks are only some of the things they used. If some thing didn't fit any more they would unravel the yarn and start again.

How does Kitting work?

It is very simple; loops pulled through more loops.

How to Knit

1.Make a slip knot by making a loop and pulling the working end though to make a loop.

2.Insert 2nd needle into slip knot front to back YO clockwise pull through

3. Repeat step 2 except in the loop closest to the tip of the needle for the desired number

4.Switch hands so the needle with the stitches is in the right hand

5.Insert the left hand needle like the cast on but slide the stitch of the right hand needle

6.Repeat step 5 in till you complete the row

7. Repeat steps 4-6 in till desired length


1.Cast on (steps 1-4)

2.Insert needle right to left YO counterclockwise slide stitch of the needle

3.Repeat step 2 till desired length

Now you can do lots types stitches.

Picture taken from Kids Learn to Knit, Quilt and Crochet by Edie Eckman

Which is Better Crocheting or Knitting?

Knitting Pros

  • fast
  • beautiful
  • different kinds
  • lots of patterns
  • fun
  • less yarn
  • 2 stitches
  • stretchy

  • hard to master
  • tricky
  • risky
  • challenging
Crocheting Pros

  • east
  • fun
  • lacy
  • forgiving
  • easy to count

  • costly
  • rough

I think that both knitting and crocheting are efficient and unique.Both are fun to learn and take a little bit of practice to master. For crocheting it can be faster or slower depending on how fast you can go and the stitches can be bigger. Kitting can be faster depending how much you practice. So in my opinion I think that both are good.