Middle Ages Project

Created By: Alexis Chavez

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Feudal System

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Advanced Weaponry

Life At War

War was a common pastime in the Middle ages, it was not uncommon to have a war break out between two nations. Nobles that protected kings were called vassals; those who were specially trained and fought for the king on horseback were knights. For a nobles son to become a knight they become a page at the age of seven. He would learn to ride a horse, fight in battle and hunt. By the age of eighteen through twenty one if they were able to prove their skills they were to be named a knight. Knights as talked about in the fairy tales wore shinning armor this included Helm, visor, pauldron, rerebrace, breastplate, couter, gauntlet, tasset, cuisse, poleyn, greave, and sabaton. The Pauldron is the overlapping shoulder "pads", tasset is the overlapping metal portion for the bottom, and the poleyn is the knee protectors. The numerous changes during this time period resulted in astronomical wars and outcomes. At the top of the military hierarchy were the lords and knights, though by the 15th Century, the mounted chivalry had ceased to be the backbone of armies. These men were quickly forced into private armies of Great Lords. They used a multitude of new weaponry including bow and arrow, Siege Tower, Mantlet and Catapult.

Roman Catholic Church and its Roles during the Middle Ages

The church in the middle ages was a force to be reckoned with. When the Roman Empire collapsed in about 350 CE, people's live were in turmoil. Barbarians from the north were constantly attacking and every day was a struggle. When the Roman Catholic Church was introduced and began to rise in power, it represented a safe haven to almost everyone. The church promised salvation (heaven after death). While day to day life was difficult, people counted on paradise after death. The hierarchy included the pope, cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, and Catholics. As popes worked to increase their power, they often came into conflict with kings. For example, kings thought that they should be able to select bishops in their countries. But, popes argued that only they could choose religious officials. The verse between the kings and popes was practically the fight over choosing bishops and abbots for the countries. The church was the power in this time period. Many of the peasants and commoners listened in the hopes of the promise of comfortable afterlife. This was odd because people would listen to the church because of the fact that many could not read and therefore they would listen to all the church said; this may have been the result of undermining acts in the church because they could tell them what laws to obey and even how to behave.

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The bubonic Plague, also known as the Black death is a disease that has spread and is continuing to spread and kill millions all throughout Europe.

Causes and Transmission:

Transmitted through rodents and fleas they occupy them. Fleas have bitten rodents with Y. Pestis, so these fleas are constantly feeling hungry, coming to bite humans and infecting them. CONTAGIOUS, spread through dead people on the streets.


  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • swelling or bleeding in the Lymph Nodes
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Pain and ache in the joints
  • blackening of the ends of fingers etc.

Try for Cure?

Many have tried to cure by prayer, asking God for forgiveness, isolation, urine bathing, leaches, placing dead animals in the home, and pomanders. Though it is said there is no cure, considering the rate of spreading of this tragic disease, anything is worth a try at this point.


Dear Editor,

training to be a knight has been an amazing experience, but a lot of hard work. I am 15 years old, and becoming a squire, which is exciting but nerve wracking. I am not learning many strategies anymore or playing chess like I used to. Now I have to learn stuff like staking care of armor and weapons that belong to the knights I am serving. I know that much of the things I am doing is going to help me learn and grow to become a great knight someday, but none of it is as fun as the young noble days; we used to sword fight everyday. But the one thing I really do like is taking care of the warhorse. I love animals and I enjoy preparing the horse for my knight to take off into battle- the warfare becomes such a reality. Being a squire is so new, but I am still getting used to it, and for the most part, enjoying all parts... in different ways that is. I love hearing the interesting stories and experiences that my knight shares with me as well. I'm so excited to become a knight myself!


A young squire