By: Sunny Singh

Photoshop CS6

For my independent study, I chose to research photoshopping. I decided to use Photoshop CS6 since it was what I could easily access and use. What I basically learned was to edited images in different ways, such as changing color or adding different effects. I wanted to learn about Photoshop since I found it a topic that I could use in my future. It was important for me to learn about Photoshop since it seemed like a skill set that would be good to have for general purposes.

Resources/ Process

I used Photoshop CS6 on the mac mostly but also on a windows desktop for the other part. My process was very simple, I would search tutorials on Photoshop and follow along with a picture that I would find on the Internet. After I finish editing the image along with the video, I would type notes on a Google Doc that I made.


Content Aware Move Tool

This tool allows me to move a person or object form one place of the ingame to another. also allows to extend the object such as making it taller or wider. it works because the software is aware of the background and uses it to edit the pic without it looking weird. In the original picture, to the left, the girl is in the far left corner of the image, but in the edited picture, I have moved her to the right and also made it so that there are two girls.

Content Aware Patch Tool

This tool allows the user to completely remove a person or object from the image and replace it with another scene in the image. I used the same image as last time and this time completely removed the women from the picture.

Oil Paint Filter

This filter allows you to take a photo and make it look like an oil painting. you can control the Stylization, Cleanliness, Scale, Bristle Detail, Angular Direction, and Shine. all these are basically controlling the thickness and direction of the brush strokes and lighting of the painting.



Color Splash Effect

This effect allows you to single out one single color leaving the rest black and white. It makes that single object stand out compared to the rest of the picture. It also works the other way around.

Background and Text

Photoshop allows you to take the background of one image and put it on another. The way you do this is by cutting out the person from one image and moving him over to a different background on a new layer. You can also add text to your image. You are capable of changing the color and font of the text.

Eye Color

Photoshop allows you to change the eye color of people in multiple ways. The way that I find the easiest and most convenient is by simply coloring over the eye on a new layer and then changing the blend to soft light.

Changing color

The same thing can be done with other parts of the image as well, and another way to do it is by quick selecting the certain area you want to change and making it into a Hue/Saturation fill or adjustment layer. From there you can change the part to any color you want. In this image I changed her eye, hair, and lip colors.


You can create the illusion that it is snowing in your image by using multiple filters and layers. In this image I added the noise filter and then blurred it to an angle so it seemed like it was snowing.



What next?

If we ever do Independent study again I plan on choosing photoshop because with any software there is no end to what you can learn. Hopefully by next time they will release a new version of Photoshop and we will have access to it so that I can learn its new features and tools.