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Week of Monday 25, February

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Assessment for Learning

I would like to thank everyone that took the time on Thursday to share with our superintendent what has been working so far this year, and ways I can continue to grow. I found my conversation with Brad encouraging and informative. One of the points I made in my conversation with Brad is how lucky I feel to work with such a strong and dedicated staff.

So my own evaluation has me reflecting on the impact of feedback on learning. Feedback is the information about how we are doing in our efforts to reach our goal. For students, it is the outcomes in our curriculum, for teachers in Alberta it is the TQS and for administrators it is the LQS. So why is effective feedback important? In Hattie's research on factors that influence student achievement, feedback comes out on top and has double the impact on student achievement than any other teaching strategy. All learners need to know where they are at, clearly understand the desired outcome or goal, and what they need to do to close the gap. Even as professional educators, this information about our own performance is important in the process of school improvement.

The essentials of feedback according to this article in Educational Leaderships are

- goal referenced (clear, explicit outcomes)

- tangible and transparent

- actionable (learner knows specifically what they can do more or less of next time.)

- user friendly (information that is understandable to learner)

- timely


- consistent (reliable standards)

-progress towards a goal

To read more about Seven Keys to Effective Feedback by Grant Wiggins, you can click this link.

One of the topics that has been coming up from parents and students is how they are using the information in PowerSchool to monitor progress.

Link to March Staff Meeting Slides

Drop Ed and I an email if there is anything you would like to add. There will be a Teacher Leadership Team meeting on Wednesday at lunch.

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Planning Ahead...

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Tuesday 26, Feb - Drama Workshop

Wed. 27, Feb- Pink Shirt Day

Thurs 28 - Mr. Volkman Classroom Visits @ 10:00

Fri 1 March - am CRM pm Shelley Anderson - Anxiety

Tues 5 March - Staff Meeting

Wed 6 March - Progress Reports go home

We will be trying the online sign up through School Interviews for PTInterviews on Wed 13 March.

Wed 13 March - Parent Teacher Interviews

* Don't forget everything is on Google Calendar.

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Wishing you another great trip around the sun!

Feb 26- Chelsea Hunt

Feb 28 - Rocsan Williams

March 3 - Lorna Hommy

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Thank You!

Thanks to Mat, Leah, Ed and Matt Anderson for starting a VTRA at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon!

Lenore I so appreciate the calm and friendly way you orchestrate our front desk. On those crazy, busy days, you are so skilled in directing traffic with a smile.

Thanks to Ed for coming with me to pick up a student that wouldn't get out of bed on Wednesday morning.

Tracy is doing such an amazing job getting interesting and relevant speakers for our REAL time sessions. Katie Entz was speaking about careers in nursing last week, and this week students can learn about the RDC program on Animation this week. Don't forget to tell the kids!

Give a shout out of appreciation to a colleague by dropping me an email.

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