Tech Tips #9

Week of November 18, 2014




1. Open iBooks

2. Open a PDF or Book

3. Tap on the screen to reveal menu bar

Then choose one of the following:

  • Text Options (aA button)
    Brightness Level - change screen brightness
    Text Size - change the size of the text on the screen
    Fonts - change the font style of the text on the screen
    White, Sepia, Night - change the color of the page and text on the screen
    Scrolling View - allows you to view pages as continuous rather than by page
  • Bookmark - adds a page bookmark to that page. Turns red if page is bookmarked. Outline only if page is not.

4. Long press (press & hold) on a word

5. Drag to select a word, phrase, sentence, or entire paragraph

Then choose one of the following:

  • Copy - copy the selection to another app
  • Define - uses installed dictionary to define the selection
  • Highlight - highlight or underline the selection
  • Note - add a text-based note to the selection
  • Search - search the book based on the selection
    Also gives option to Search Web and Search Wikipedia
  • Share - share via Messages, Mail, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Speak - speak the selection
    Must have Speak Selection turned ON (see below)

Steps to Turn on Speak Selection

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Tap General (on the left)
  3. Tap Accessibility (on the right)
  4. Tap Speak Selection
  5. Turn Speak Selection ON


  • Voices - allows you to change the voice reading text
  • Speaking Rate - change the speed of the voice reading text
  • Highlight Words - turn ON to have the words highlight as they are read

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