Clothing styles

There is a huge amount of clothing styles

There is a huge amount of clothing styles, but only three styles are fundamental: classic, romantic and sporty. All other styles are derived from the core.

I think we can characterize classic style in two words: reserved and laconic. This style is attractive for its high quality and robust materials. It’s the most unemotional style and everything is very moderate in it. Length, width, volume and proportions are always average, familiar to the eye.

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Sporty style is characterized by loose clothes, which doesn’t restrict movement. This style is designed for sport and active recreation. Also it can be casual clothes , which is made like sporty clothes. Sporty style is bright clothes that are practical and convenient.

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Casual style is the most common and popular style, which includes modern everyday practical and comfortable clothing. This style can combine elements of other styles. It is divided into city casual, smart casual, business casual. And another subtype is sporty casual. This is casual style with the elements of sport, but it is not for sport.