Positive Uses of the Internet

By Brock Bergelin

Could We Live Without It?

Thirty years ago, we had no access to the internet, but nowadays just about everything is on the internet. So many people's jobs rely on the internet, and almost everyone uses the internet for information. So when people say the internet has no good use, think about that, all the physical changes are lives would have to instantly take if the internet was shut down. Just imagine, all the chaos our world would go through if the internet was shut off for just one day.

Example Web Sites that better us as People

Positive Uses of the Internet

List of a few Positive Things the Internet Does

  • Helps us find information instantly.
  • Helps us find biased and unbiased opinions for a debate.
  • Lets us play its many games, including online trivias.
  • Gives us the many programs on the internet to make projects.
  • Gives us places to buy things that stores may not have, or gives a better price.
  • Lets us communicate with friends through messaging and/or video.
  • Lets us watch and listen to videos and music on youtube.
  • Blogs on the internet give reviews and help on a product or a debate topic.