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January 2022 Newsletter

MHES News and Updates

This newsletter will provide parents with updates and events at Marumsco Hills Elementary for the month of January.

School Calendar Dates: January

  • January 3: Classes Resume
  • January 11: Parent Coffee @ 6:00
  • January 12: Lockdown Drill
  • January 13-14: AIMS Reading Universal Screener
  • January 17: School Closed
  • January 19: PTO Meeting @ 6:00
  • January 19: WIDA Testing Window for ESOL Opens
  • January 27: End of Quarter 2; Half-Day for Students, Parent Conference Day
  • January 28: No School for Students, Teacher Workday

Save the Date: Title I Math and Literacy Night - February 1 at 6:00

We look forward to hosting a night for our families to engage with their children in math and literacy stations and activities. Save the date for February 1 at 6:00. We hope to see you there!

Middle School Specialty Programs 2022-2023 School Year: Information Night Dates and Contact Information

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme- Fred Lynn Middle School

Program Coordinator: Mr. Patterson

Information Meeting Date: January 20 at 6:30. (in person)

Mathematics And Science Program - Rippon Middle School

Program Coordinator: Ms. Bertrand and Ms. Bicey
Telephone: 703.491.2171,

Information Meeting
1/6/2022 @ 6.30 p.m. (in-person)

Visit Rippon Middle School website

World Language Program (French and Spanish) - Fred Lynn Middle School

Program Coordinator: Mr. Patterson
Telephone: 703.494.5157

Information Meeting Date: January 20@6:30 (in person)

Visit Fred Lynn Middle School website

Same Gender Program - Woodbridge Middle School

Principal: Angela Owens
Telephone: 703.494.3181

Visit Woodbridge Middle School website

Principal Honor Roll - First Quarter

Congratulations to the following students who earned Principal's Honor Roll (All A's):

5th Grade

· Jordan Torres - Ms. Dumford

· Lorainne Gyamfi – Ms. Ervin

· Anderson Carranz Benavides – Ms. Johannes/Morales

4th Grade

· Kaylee Argueta Marquez – Ms. Harper

· Alexis Lainez Alvvarez – Ms. Harper

· Aubrey Clark – Ms. Harper

· Elizabeth Benavides Arias – Ms. Hatfield

· Katherine Escobar Cardiel – Ms. Hatfield

· Christopher Claros Mercado – Ms. Malmgren

3rd Grade

· Raul Gonzalez – Ms. Ash

· Kevin Nunez-Chavez – Ms. Ash

· Giselle Lopez – Ms. Ash

· Shaylee Reyes Vasquez – Ms. Couture

· Xavi Segovia Castro – Ms. Couture

· Emma Sudberry - Ms. Couture

· Roger Chithpravongsa – Ms. DesJardin

· Isabella Romero – Ms. DesJardin

· Mc'kenzie Ratliff – Ms. Shaw

· Ana Salmeron – Ms. Shaw

AB Honor Roll - First Quarter

Congratulations to the following students who earned AB Honor Roll (All A's and B's):

5th Grade

· Dulce Andrade Carranza – Ms. Campagna

· Christopher Carcamo-Salazar – Ms. Campagna

· Daniel Cardenas Hernandez- Ms. Campagna

· Mikayla Espana- Ms. Campagna

· Erik Hernandez Nunez – Ms. Campagna

· Angel Lopez Hernanadez- Ms. Campagna

· Katherine Orellana-Berrios – Ms. Campagna

· Britzy Heredia Nogales – Ms. Dumford

· Bryan Parada Ingles – Ms. Dumford

· Nataline Romo Espinoza – Ms. Dumford

· Dannia Rosales Landaverde – Ms. Dumford

· Rayquan Barnes – Ms. Ervin

· Luis-Adam Roman – Ms. Ervin

· Adrian Gidwani - Ms. Ervin

· Aubrey Gidwani - Ms. Ervin

· Marcos Gomez – Ms. Ervin

· Keiry Hernandez – Ms. Ervin

· Justin Herrera Zepeda – Ms. Ervin

· William Mairena – Ms. Ervin

· Kevin Valladres Calix – Ms. Ervin

4th Grade

· Yeray Garcia Rodriguez – Ms. Harper

· Shaila Gonzales Garcia – Ms. Harper

· Walter Jurado Ramirez – Ms. Harper

· Angelina Martinez Escobar – Ms. Harper

· Emily Perales Kuri – Ms. Harper

· Daniel Ramirez – Ms. Harper

· Marcelo Arevalo Escobar – Ms. Hatfield

· Jonathan Deras Santos – Ms. Hatfield

· Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez – Ms. Hatfield

· Angeli Bonilla – Ms. Hatfield

· Katherine Santamaria Champonan – Ms. Hatfield

· Richard Rodillo – Ms. Rapier

· Celvin Moreno – Ms. Rapier

· Dulcenoemi Rodriguez Mariscal – Ms. Rapier

· Vincent Chavez – Ms. Sherman

· Angel Diaz Martinez – Ms. Sherman

· Rosa Portillo Diaz – Ms. Sherman

3rd Grade

· Arianna Cabrera – Ms. Ash

· Alejandra Estrada – Ms. Ash

· Lourdes Mendez-Castro – Ms. Ash

· Camila Ayala Lopez – Ms. Couture

· Liana Cea Espinoza – Ms. Couture

· Angel Benitez Gonzalez – Ms. DesJardin

· Alexia Camacho Rojas – Ms. DesJardin

· Jacelyn Castillo – Ms. DesJardin

· Natali Cervantes Hernandez – Ms. DesJardin

· Jahzier Lewis – Ms. DesJardin

· Tatiana Uriona Bonilla – Ms. DesJardin

· Valentina Bautista – Ms. Shaw

· Brianna Beruete – Ms. Shaw

· Alessandra Flores – Ms. Shaw

· Jessica Guardado – Ms. Shaw

· Eliora Mintesnot – Ms. Shaw

· Henry Orellana – Ms. Shaw

· Ezray Parada – Ms. Shaw

· Ashlyn Ramos – Ms. Shaw

· Yosmely Ramirez Lopez – Ms. Slay

· Katherine Ramos Orellana - Ms. Sherman

· Oscar Sanchez - Ms. Sherman

November Eagle Leaders

Congratulations to all the students selected as Eagle Leader for the month of November!


· Deisler Romero

· Christina Kinard

· Riccy Villatoro

· Mauricio Nativi-Torres

· Allison Hernandez

· Stephany Lagos Alvarez

· Samantha Mendez Castro

· Martin Reyna Castillo

1st Grade

· Kevin Bonilla Guevara

· Daisy Soloranzo Hernandez

· Jazmin Heredia Guillen

· Madison Gyamfi

· Zaila Rodriguez Flores

· Andy Lopes Hernandez

· Brianna Bonilla

· Cora Sudberry

2nd Grade

· Kendra Brizuela

· Holly Jobe

· Yexton Henriquez Henriquez

· Ayleny Henderdez Bonilla

· Genesis Bonilla

· Ruyeri Hernandez

· Chitsavang Boutsady

· Matthew Benitez

· Breyner De Leon Tomas

· Bella Castillo Pastora

3rd Grade

· Kevin Nunez-Chavez

· Lourdes Mendez-Castro

· Jimena Cervantes Hernandez

· Jaden Rodas

· Jahzier Lewis

· Natali Cervantes Hernandez

· Eliora Mintesnot

· Leo Latorre-Smith

· Yosmely Ramierz Lopez

· Lady-Bella Pollins

4th Grade

· Daniel Ramirez

· Aubrey Clark

· Angeli Bonilla

· Marcelo Arevalo Escobar

· Jason Gonzales

· Dayra Aguilar Borrero

· Victor Velasquez Bustillo

· Surashree Dasgupta

5th Grade

· Angel Lopez Hernandez

· Mikayla Espana

· Emma Quinones

· Bryan Parada

· Lorainne Gyamfi

· Adrian Gidwani

· Luke Sudberry

· Aaron Mintesot

Resource Classrooms

· Hydeia Dupree

· Kimberly Bustillo

Hot Spots

If your family does not have internet in the home, please contact the school. We can provide a hot spot to help your family secure internet in the home.

Technology Corner

Each student has been issued a laptop computer. These devices may be brought back and forth to school each day so they are available in school and at home. We do encourage students to use Lexia at home!

If your child is bringing their laptop home, please remember to charge it overnight, and return the laptop in the black sleeve with cord back to school the next day.

If you move and will be attending another school, please return the laptop to Marumsco Hills prior to moving. Thank you!

Instructional Corner - Check Out What Our Students Are Learning This Month!


Language Arts

  • Nonfiction Text


  • Number sense to 15
  • Patterns

Social Studies

  • Historical Thinking
  • Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Properties and importance of water

First Grade

Language Arts

  • Nonfiction (Text Features, Main Idea)
  • Research Writing (Researching, Publishing, Sharing)


  • Addition and Number Sense (Addition Strategies, Story Problems, Comparing and Ordering Sets to 70, Identify Tens and Ones to 100, Group Collection up to 110 in Tens and Ones)

Social Studies

  • People Associated with Holidays (Martin Luther King Jr, Presidents Day)
  • Geography


  • Animals (Needs, Physical Characteristics, Classifying)

2nd Grade

Language Arts

  • Nonfiction Reading
  • Nonfiction Writing


  • Identify numbers that are 10 more, 10 less, 100 more, and 100 less
  • Rounding two digit numbers
  • Fractions
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Money up to $2.00


  • Phases of matter

Social Studies

  • Economics

3rd Grade

Language Arts

  • Exploring Nonfiction (asking and answer questions, reference materials, research writing


  • Fractions


  • Ecosystems

Social Studies

  • Economics, Begin Ancient China and Egypt

4th Grade

Language Arts

  • Main Idea and Summarizing
  • Author's Purpose
  • Cause and Effect
  • Drawing Conclusions


  • Multiplication and Division


  • Earth, Moon, and Sun

Social Studies

  • Colonial Virginia
  • Virginia and The American Revolution

5th grade

Language Arts

  • Begin Informational Writing
  • Nonfiction main idea
  • Word References
  • Organizational Patterns


  • Model fraction and decimal equivalences
  • Simplifying and reducing fractions
  • Compare and order fractions and decimals
  • Rounding decimals through thousandths


  • Solar Systems
  • Earth, Moon, Sun Relationships
  • Ocean Environment

Social Studies

  • American Southwest


  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades will be wrapping up on our painting unit so that we will be ready for mixed media for the rest of the year.
  • 2nd and 3rd grades will be using tempera paint to practice color mixing.
  • 4th and 5th grades will be using watercolor to build their 3-D shading skills.
  • 1st and Kindergarten will be continuing to draw, cut, trace and glue, refining fine motor skills; they will start using paint to finish their drawings.


  • Kindergarten: Begin stationary hand dribbling.
  • 1st: Demonstrate approaching form for hand dribbling in general space.
  • 2nd: Demonstrate approaching form for hand dribbling in general space.
  • 3rd: Demonstrate a mature form for dribbling with dominant hand.
  • 4th: Dribble with both dominant and non-dominant hands at various speeds in different g
  • 5th: Dribble with both dominant and non-dominant hands at various speeds in different games and activities.


  • KG, 1st, and 2nd: Dance and Musical Form
  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th: Pitches on the Treble Clef