by Katie Jackson


"Your true self can never be found within anyone else, and it can not be found in hardships life has thrust on you in the past." - Kat Von D

High School

  • I'm going to GHS for 9th grade
  • I may do online school for the rest of the year or just finish high school there
  • I want to get an art scholarship and go to an art school
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Future Jobs

  • In high school work at Van's or Hot Topic or Earthbound
  • Start off as a tattoo apprentice then start doing tattoos and open my own shop.
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Future Life

  • I want cats, a turtle, a phone, and laptop
  • I want to live in Austin, drive a truck, and live in a flat by myself
  • I don't plan on getting married but if I do I would want to marry someone with similar morals and have 2 kids
  • I want the same style as I have now and participate in StandUp for Kids
  • If I go anywhere, I would want to go to France and see the art museums
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