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The Debate Over Alexander Hamilton's Economic Policies

A Federalists' assumption of the states debt

The Federalists favored the policies of Hamilton because most of the Revolutionary War was fought in South Carolina. They believed for Creation of The National Bank so they could pay off the debts from the Revolutionary War.

Thoughts About the Creation of The National Bank and The French Revolution

Federalists agreed with the creation of the national bank because that meant they could pay off all of their Revolutionary War debts since most of it was fought in South Carolina. During the French Revolution, the federalists were against the British, fought against them and won, but the state of South Carolina was hurt by the amount of ground that was fought on during the Revolutionary War.

Power of The National Government

The Power that the Federalists had

The Federalists were along side the first president of the U.S, George Washington. Even though Washington supported most of the Federalists acts, he made sure to avoid all partisan (followers) activity. Most Federalists believed that the representative government was undermined (weaken) by an excess(unwanted, extra) of democracy (equality, freedom, justice).
The Federalists thought believed that immigrants were a deep threat to national security. This the Alien Act was born. It was said that it was wrote to deport foreigners and make it harder for immigrants to vote. Before a law was made so that a immigrant would have to wait five years to vote, but it was soon changed to fourteen years. This is where the Sedition Acts came in. This act prevented public opposition to the government.

War with Britain in 1812

The Federalists refused to fight against the British, in the War of 1812. In June 1812, congress declared a war that the U.S was not ready to fight. The Federalists refused to fight because they predicted something like this would happen since the election of Republican Thomas Jefferson.

We Are Federals, We Agree, With Alexander Hamilton's Policy!