Live in the Bible

experience, enjoy, and love!

every monday..

Come and learn terrific ways to get closer to God and learn about the bible while embracing your love towards God!

4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Our best instructors.. which are incredibly nice and fun!

You will not just get closer to God, but get closer to new friends you get to meet.

What you will learn

Who are the prophets?

-They are people who speak God's world.

What is the Old Testament and New Testament?

-Stories that are before Jesus and after Jesus' birth.

What are the stories that survived?

-They are the ones in which God’s People heard God speaking

What is the meaning of biblical inerracy?

- It is when, the Bible is without error in matters of faith and morals when it is
correctly interpreted under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

What did spirits inspired?

- inspired human authors to write down these stories and edit them to illustrate their growing understanding of God’s plan of salvation.