Thai Elephant Day

Phuket, Thailand

The Special Day

Come & Join the fantastic, energizing day with the best elephants in Thailand! It was so much fun! you will be able to ride elephants (without) bareback through the jungle and you will get wet when you go into the river. It's not surprising that elephants love water. Elephants love to swim and play in the water!

Thai Elephant Day

Thursday, March 13th, 10am

Thai Elephant Conservation Center Hang Chat District Wiang Tan Lampang Thailand

The National Thai Elephant Day takes place every year on the 13th March and has done since it was first given government approval back in 1998. The aim of the day is to draw attention to the elephant which is the national animal of Thailand and plays an important part in culture, religion and tradition.
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Event Schedule

10:00 – 10: 19 Am. Elephant Parade at Khaung Nakorn in Lampang town comprised of:

  • Advertisement car
  • Elephant parade by Thai Elephant Conservation Center
  • Klong Sabudchai Parade
  • Shuttle bus parade by Thai Elephant Conservation Center

11:30 Am. All parades arrive at Khaung Nakorn

  • Start campaigning about the National Elephant Day to local people.
11:45Am. Participate in Alms-giving with elephants

12:15 น. Ceremonial parade comprised of:

  • Religious Blessing Ceremony parade
  • Elephant parade
  • Klong Sabudchai Parade
  • Offering robes to Buddhist priests parade by local villagers

12:40 Am. Traditional Blessing Ceremony
1:30 Am. Certificate presentation as following;

  • Award winning mahout 2013
  • Award winning photographer ” The legend of Thailand elephant 2014″
  • Feeding the elephant in large tray ( Stoke Chang )