Short Pump Middle

Gifted Programs

Instructional Philosophy

The academic enrichment classes are constructed on an inquiry based learning model, which includes project based and problem based activities, that put the students at the center of the learning. STEM projects, Socratic discussions and critical thinking are among the skills that are integrated into units and lessons that connect to and extend on each of the core academic subjects. Use of 21st century technology skills is emphasized throughout the units.

News and Upcoming Events

The Virginia Association for the Gifted has compiled a list of enrichment programs and opportunities in Virginia. The list can found be here:


6th grade: Insect Hotels

We will begin building our insect hotels in late April/early May. Several parents have mentioned having materials available. Please email Mr. Cross if you any of the supplies listed below sitting around unused. The condition of the materials does not need to be pristine.

PVC piping

wooden palettes

cinder blocks



7th/8th Roller Coaster competition:

We will be traveling to Kings Dominion May 1 to compete in the roller coaster building competition. If there are any parents who will be willing to transport the coasters in their vehicle please contact Mr. Cross. The maximum coaster dimensions measure at 75x75x100 cm.


Garden Expansion and Community Service

This coming spring/summer we intend to launch the "SPMS Market" to sell some of the produce we are growing. In addition to selling at the market we are looking to donate produce locally. If anyone has suggestions on how/where we could get involved in the community please email Mr. Cross.


Check out some of the videos from the fall garden projects.

Daikon Radish