iPad Journey Continues

Just another bump in the road

App Store Open

We have been off and running now about 2 months on the iPad Journey. We have learned a lot, but we are still having some issues with apps disappearing. So.... in order to try to fix this we are opening up the App Store (to 5th grade only) so that when an app disappears we can delete it and reinstall it without having to continually do "hard resets" which completely erase the device. We are not certain this will fix our problem, but it is our first try at correcting what is going on. As I said at the beginning - it will have bumps and detours, this is just one more we are having to figure out.


If you have not purchased the insurance I know there is only 2 months of school left but I would STRONGLY encourage you to do so. The cost is only $28.40. If a screen is broken and we have had 4 that I am aware of (as of today), the cost is $305 to get it repaired by the Apple Certified Technicians or the district will sell you the broken device for $375 and we will purchase another one to replace it. All of these devices must be turned in / paid for in full by the end of year field trip scheduled the last of May or first week in June.
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The iPad Queen

I have to give a shout out to our very own iPad Queen, Esmeralda Rodgers. "Mrs. Ezzie" has taken on the duties for us for resetting all the iPads, adding apps, ... basically anything iPad! We could not do this without her!