Wonder Day Project

by Olivia Evans

Why do giraffes have spots?

Giraffes have spots for the same reason as tigers, to blend in to their surroundings. The spots "break up" their image making it seem as if they are part of nature. This technique is used to hide from predators.

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Does age affect their spot colour?

Age does affects the colour of a giraffe's spots. The spots don't turn pink but they do turn a lighter or darker brown and sometimes black depending on the gender and age of the giraffe
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Do giraffes have different types of patterned spots?

The answer is yes. Not two giraffes have the same spot patterns. In a way, giraffe spots are like human finger prints, they are all unique.
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are giraffes born with spots?

The answer is yes. Giraffes are always born with spots
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