Ways to communicate

*snail mail *e-mail *texting

Snail mail

  • Snail mail is the slowest way to communicate with a peer.
  • Snail mail is when you write a letter and send it to another person and arrives in about 2 days prior also if you want to send a package it would come in 3-10 days to arrive.
  • So in conclusion it's not as proficient as e-mail or texting.
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  • Email is a great way to send messages and links to people.
  • Unlike snail mail you can't send packages, but it can instantly send messages (or a few minutes depends if the servers are slow) and you get FREE internet connection!
  • You can send e-mails to people- even friends around the world!
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  • Texting is a good way to send messages, links and images.
  • You can also send emoticons so they Know how you feel.
  • You also have free connection and it sends within a snap of a finger!
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Comparing the three ways to communicate.

  • All of them have a unique way to to communicate.
  • they all need to provide your identification.
  • You can send a picture with all of them.
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