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Feb 25-Mar 1, 2019

from Mike & J-

MAP Testing Schedule

The Delta team meeting this week involved some discussion around MAP testing schedules and how we can best use the time available to set our students up for success. We specifically visited about the 4th grade ELA test, which is the only elementary content area

with four sessions. With input from AAA, we came to the consensus that combining 4th grade ELA session 3 (15-40 minutes) and session 4 (15-35 minutes - listening) would be a viable option if students were given a legitimate 15-20 minute break between sessions.

Combining these two sessions results in three days of ELA testing and alleviates some of the scheduling challenges associated with the 4th grade Cardinals field trip that falls on Wednesday of that week.

While there have been questions about other solutions and changing which content area is assessed first, we have chosen to move forward with this approach and keep ELA scheduled for the first week, followed by math in week two and 5th grade science in week three.

At next month’s Job Alike we plan to dig into some roundtable discussions around testing protocols and share approaches that have been successful in motivating students to give great effort and focus during this time. We are looking forward to swapping strategies

with each other as we prepare to show the great learning our kiddos and teachers have been working towards this year!

Prop S Information

Thank you for your work in providing opportunities for your staff and community to become informed of the details for Proposition S. We have five weeks to inform about the facts of this ask. Thank you for the important part that you play!

Have a great week as we complete the month of February!

Transforming the First Ten Minutes of Class

While this is in a secondary setting, there may be valuable implications at the elementary level.

from HR-

We hope everyone enjoyed their three day weekend! This month’s HR newsletter (HR Feb. 2019 Newsletter) will feature information regarding student loans, TalentEd information, HR Employment Coordinators and more.

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Thank you for everything you do each and every day to provide engaging, relevant and personal experiences for our school community.

Dr. Cooper

How to stop overthinking your decisions

If you obsess over decisions, try one of these strategies to stop ruminating and move on.

BrightBytes Survey

The Spring BrightBytes survey will be available to staff and students February 25-March 8. Once again, the Blended Learning department will provide a hot breakfast catered for the staff on the date of your choice for the first three elementary schools, first two middle schools and the first high school to have 100% participation by staff and reach statistical significance for students. Each site will receive the links for students and staff on Monday, February 25. Parent links will appear on your building website homepages over the next few weeks. If you have questions, please reach out to Kelly Myrick.