Gibraltar Passenger Locator Form

Finding Your Way With A Gibraltar Passenger Locator Form

You must have valid documents to travel between Gibb and Spain. These documents include a British passport, British Airways flight tickets and a valid visa. Passengers who fail to satisfy these requirements may face a fine, enforced by the Minister of the Interior of the Canary Islands.

It has become much easier to find your way around Europe and the Mediterranean since the introduction of the Gibex Pass. The pass, formerly known as the ardena Pass' was constructed in 1920. It was closed to automobiles and cars. Only Spanish Pass holders, including tourists, were allowed access to the passageway between North Spain and Gibraltar. To enter the territory via Gibex, passengers will need to apply to obtain a local visa. The application can be done online or through your local embassy.

Non-Spanish citizens can apply for the visa by filling out the Gibex visa requirements. Visitors who have been in a red list country for more than 10 days before their entry date cannot enter Gibraltar. Non-Spanish Passenger who doesn't have a Spanish Pass may still be allowed to enter the territory by completing all the visa requirements on Gibex website. However, air travellers from other countries need to complete the international passenger locator form in order to maintain the immigration authorities informed about their identity and location.

Spain's law requires that children aged six to fourteen years must be vaccinated against Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis A. Travel north to visit the British territory and make sure that you have all these vaccinations. If not, you may be required to arrange for one of the appropriate vaccines when you arrive in Gibraltar, regardless of whether you are travelling to Spain or not. British citizens over 18 years old who have their passport can apply for the appropriate British passport upon arrival in Gibex. You will need to complete the required forms upon arrival at your destination. These include a British passport application and a British consulate request.

Passengers who do not have a British Pass must apply for a non-immigrant visa at the Consulate in Spain to travel to Gibraltar. Tourists who do not possess a Spanish Pass are allowed to apply at any British consulate for a Spanish Visa. However, they cannot apply for British citizenship. British citizens who obtain their British passports before arriving in Spain are allowed a maximum of three years to remain in Spain.

British nationals who intend to stay in Spain, but who do not hold a British Pass may enter Spain without a visa if they obtain an EEC card, or leave from a port of call in Spain to reach a destination outside of Spain. British Consulates in Spain will not issue an EEC card to a foreigner who does not have a British Pass, and who then proceeds to Spain without a visa. British citizens who have arrived in Spain before obtaining a British Pass must obtain a visa before they can travel to Gibb River via Gibb bridge. These citizens may then proceed through the regular immigration procedure once their visa has been issued. British citizens who have arrived in Spain to travel to Gibb should apply for a Spanish visa along with their British passport.

Travelling between Gibb and Spain requires that you have valid documents such as a British passport, British Airways Flight tickets and a valid entry visa. Failure to meet these requirements could result in a fine from the Minister of Interior of the Canary Islands. A criminal record check will be conducted if you fail to obtain the required vaccinations when you travel to Gibb. This criminal record check will not affect your ability to travel to Gibb, but it may adversely affect your chance of travelling to another part of the UK or of Spain. Individuals who fall afoul of the immigration laws of one European Union country may also be restricted in their freedom of movement within that country.