The Westing Game

Ellen Raskin

Created by Graham grade 5


16 people move into the sunset towers the same day. One is a thief, one is a bomber, and one is a murderer. They gather at Samuel Westing’s mansion to read his will, but it appears to be a contest, challenging the heirs to figure out which one of them is Westing’s murderer. The heir who figures it out first wins $200,000,000. Who do you think will win? Find out by reading “The Westing Game."


Even for me, someone who doesn’t like most mysteries, this one was great! i love how It’s a race to see who will be the first one to figure out what their clues mean and who the murderer of Samuel Westing is. Throughout the book I was always curious to keep reading to find out exactly what would happen next.


If you’re the kind of person where when something interesting happens in a book you just want to keep on reading, this book is perfect for you. Throughout the book there is always something interesting happening.

The Westing Game - Book Trailer