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Reporting Progress

Brian brought to our attention that several staff members share that they have been receiving conflicting information about what should be written in the “Reported every ____ weeks” box of section 6 for each of their IEP goals. This will be the consistent information we share out:

(1) Early childhood buildingsà Put “9” in the box (unless the team determines progress should be reported more frequently) IF the student is in 1st grade, write a statement in the “Other Information” section of the IEP that says something along the lines of: “During the student’s 2nd grade school year, progress will be reported every 4.5 weeks.”

(2) Elementary, junior high, and high school buildingsà Put “4.5” in the box (unless the team determines progress should be reported more frequently).

Principal Meeting

The Central Office Principal's Meeting is on Wednesday morning. If there is anything you believe we need to share out, please us know on Monday. Paulette Grady sent me an email this weekend wondering if anyone could serve as district rep for IEP meetings during the principal meeting. She is out of the district that day and was hoping that Jeff could sit in. She completely understands if schedules don't allow for it. If you can support Cherokee, contact Paulette.
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Out this week:

Lynda and Andrea: Out Tuesday until 1:00-Leadership Building Miami U

Tuesday: Sherri, I think she shared that.

The IRIS Center (Vanderbilt University) & Rewordify

I have enjoyed watching the many modules on this great website, from FBAs to Reading Comprehension Strategies.

Copy and paste the following:

Sherri provided a great resource that you may want to share with Interventions Specialists. It will modify text for a student at a lower level.

From understanding Below is an example:

Higher level text:

The ravenous throng scampered toward the delectable viands, which was impeccably arrayed on the table.

Modified to:

The extremely hungry crowd ran toward thedelicious food, which was extremely well organized (into rows) on the table.