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Master Google Hangouts & Grow You Indie Business

Struggling to Grow Your Indie Business?

..tired of chasing prospects?

If you ARE the business - chasing leads & trying to make sales, then you're really NOT building a business. You're creating a job that nobody's going to want.

Stop wasting time - your most valuable resource - and learn how to build a business that provides the freedom and passion you wanted!

No, this isn't a "everything will now be automatic" pitch - this is the REAL DEAL of working only with folks who are like-minded and WANT to work with you!

Each week we will meet and bring our challenges / successes to the table.

Everyone contributes - so that everyone benefits!

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About John

After working with indie entrepreneurs for years, John realized the need to help them with online and social media marketing. Now he advises entrepreneurs on how they can build a marketing system that takes less time and effort!

"It has been very rewarding to work with you..You made the whole process simple.. Thanks again for all your hard work." - Gary and Susan

More Details to Follow on Upcoming Classes and Webinars

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make money with Hangouts? The truth is, you don't. But if you're still busy chasing sales, you won't have the time needed to make the real dollars. The best use of your time is to be a leader. And to me leadership is not about bossing people around or sitting back while others do the work. Leaders lead - and the best way is to show others the way and to teach. Without systems that you can teach other, you don't have a business.

About Bush Pilot Marketing

Whether your business is just getting ready for take-off, hitting a rough patch of turbulence mid-flight or trying to stick a landing, Bush Pilot Marketing is your co-pilot.