Founder: Siddhartha Gaumata Origin: India

Hinduism and Buddhism.

They both believe in Karma, Dharma, reincarnation, and Moksha. BUT Buddhists do NOT believe in the caste system because they think if you meditate, and pray, then you will enlighten yourself and good karma will lead you to a good life.


Just like Hinduism, Buddhism has moved all around the world. These two religions are similar.

They do not have any holy books


Founder: Jesus

Their holy book is the Holy Bible. There are two parts to it; the Old Testament and the New Testament. Their beliefs are the belief in 1 God, the belief that Jesus is the savior, and he will resurrect. They must follow the "golden rule" and must speak the truth. They practice their religion by praying, going to church, read the Bible, and celebrate the religious holidays. They have 2 final resting places. Heaven and Hell. You go to Heaven if an individual had done good in their life and follow the bible. You go to Hell if you have sinned.


Well, it can affect the person in many ways. If a Christian lives in the U.S., they know it is legal for gay marriage in all states. Their religion states it must be a man and woman for it to be a marriage. Also, Christianity says none shall kill, so they're completely against abortions, but in the U.S. it is legal. If they lied to someone, they have sinned and must ask for forgiveness.