Top 10 Facts

Michael Jordan

10.Before the NBA

Michael Jordan struggled to make the varsity basketball team at Laney High in Wilmington

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9. Jeffery

Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn NY, on February 17, 1963 but raised in Wilmington, North Carolina.

8.Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was the NCAA player of the year in 1983 and 1984.

7. Coach Phil Jackson

Coach Phil Jackson burned a poem Jordan wrote in the locker room because he was afraid that it would be worth millions later on.


Michael Jordan led the Bulls to six national championships.

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5.Greatest honors

April 2009, Jordan received one of basketball's greatest honors.


Michael Jordan finished his bachelor's degree in geography in 1935.

3.Winning the Gold

Michael Jordan won a gold medal in the 1992 summer Olympics.


Michael Jordan was Awarded MVP five times in his NBA career.

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Jordan lost five million dollars in just one night shooting craps.


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