Information about computers

The small things that power computers

Hard drives

Hard drives: Hard drives are the part of the computer which store all of the memory on it.


Monitors: monitors are the screen on the computers which allow you to see the things you did.


cpu: The cpu is the brains of the computer. it can get to hot and burn or have a melt down. The CPU will be the larger of the chips inside your PC.


ram: The ram is used by the system to store data for processing by a computer's central processing unit (CPU),


Rom: The rom is a class of storage media used in computers and other electronic devices.


motherboard : the motherboard is the main part of the computer. All things connect to it. Processor, mouse, keyboard, CD drives, memory and the memory card


Inputs/Outputs: in puts are things that you use to put things in to a computer and outputs are things that the computer sends out to them

examples of inputs: mouse ,keyboard ,mic ect.....

outputs: screen, head phones, torch ect.....

both: cameras


touchscreen : a touch screen allows you to control the computer without having to use a mouse you can also get pens that work with it