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why is important to recycle?

is important to recycle because whit this we can make a better world, whit out that much of trash. and maybe a world that is going to last many years from now on, whit animals and plants that are still living

what is recycling greatest economic benefit?

recycling have many benefits, not only for the world and nature, also for the humans, because if we recycle the we can reuse some materials and whit that save some money
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what are the environmental benefits of recycling?

if we recycle we can help the world, like when we recycle bottles we avoid using more petrol than what we need, we can also recycle paper and whit that we dont have to cut down many threes
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i learned many things about the website, for example if we all worked together we can make a better place for all the residents, also that there are many ways to help the world if we all do it
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