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It's. So. Cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I love all the snow we are (finally!) getting, my fingers are permanently numb! Anyway, Happy Valentines day! I'm so excited to be in Cape Cod on the 14th, 15th, and 16th!!! It's going to be a blast! So far, I think February has been pretty great and March, well my birthday's in March, so that's officially a good month! ;)

Big Events


14th - Valentines Day

15th and 16th - No School and Cape Cod!

21st - Dad's 42nd B-Day! (Old Man!)


6th - Alice's 7th B-Day!

17th - St. Patrick's Day

20th - First day of spring!

25th - Good Friday (no school)

27th - Easter!

29th - THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!! ELLA'S 12TH B-DAY!!!!!!!

Boo Ya! Maximum Honor Rolls in your face!!!

Sesame Street: Pentatonix Counts (& Sings) to Five
Just a cool video for ya'll!!

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Valentines Day Interview

Everyone has different opinions about "Love Day". Adults tend to appreciate it, and kids tend to find it somewhat awkward. Let's see what the O'Connor children have to say!

Question #1 - Do you like V day?

Henry - No.

Alice - Yes.

Question #2 - What's your favorite part?

Henry - Getting candy.

Alice - Eating candy and everybody being kind and everything is just great.

Question #3 - What's your least favorite part?

Henry - All of the hearts.

Alice - Mushy gushy kissing.

Question #4 - Do you think people are too gushy on V day?

Henry - Yes.

Alice - YES!!!

Question #5 - Are you going to give out cards?

Henry - No.

Alice - Yes.

Question #6 - Are you extra kind on V Day?

Henry - No.

Alice - Yes!

Valentines Day Quotes!