What the HEX- AGON!!!!!!!!

an interactive journey in Geometry, Philosophy & Grad Plan

The Goals and Objectives... Sweet 16 !

Welcome to the Mr. T " What the HEX" Workshop that will change your life.

The goals are listed below

The objectives will be journey towards the goals !!!

  1. Teach you something new about YOURSELF
  2. Teach you a few Greek words
  3. Teach you how to make a Hexahedron
  4. Teach you how to make a Stellated Octahedron
  5. Teach you a little geometry
  6. Challenge your patience
  7. Help you learn about your Graduation Plan
  8. Invite you to chose your "One Word"
  9. Teach you how many credits it takes to graduate from the SCGLH
  10. Teach you the M.D.E. Graduation Requirements
  11. Teach you how many credits you have left to Graduate
  12. Teach you a Latin phrase
  13. Give you an opportunity to color, cut, fold and tape 24 pieces of paper
  14. Open your mind in philosophy
  15. Empower you to take full responsibility of your academic Career
  16. Change Your Life !


Before we can create this Amazing Stellated Octahedron ...
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Based on two theories

1- The Hex meaning a spell that you put upon yourself

2-The hexagon to represent that hex

3- The hexahedron's turned into a stellated octahedron to go to graduation


Buddha swallowing poison the Hex is not on the other person it's on you use that philosophy

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Big image

3D geometric digital shapes !



Student Taking Academic Responsibilty
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  1. Turn the paper so printed side is face down
  2. Fold paper to form an Isosceles triangle so one dot is on top of another dot
  3. Turn Isosceles Triangle so that A is on the Right and B is on the Left
  4. Fold the A - A
  5. Fold the B - B
  6. Fold the C - C (you should have a football)
  7. Unfold to the original Isosceles Triangle shape in step 2
  8. Make a total of Three - (Steps 1- 7)
  9. Place the Pointing Hand inside the sleeve with the Star (has your courses on it)
  10. Place the One Word inside the sleeve with CARPE Diem to form a point
  11. Repeat step 9 & 10 with 3rd Isosceles Triangle
  12. You now have created a Hexahedron
  13. Now make a total of 8 Hexahedrons !
  14. Now tape 4 Hexahedrons together to create half of a Stellated Octahedron
  15. Repeat Step 14
  16. Now Tape both halves together
  17. Thus you have a Stellated Octahedron with 24 Isosceles Triangles !
  18. In those Isosceles Triangles have your 46 Credits you need to graduate and one with your name on
  19. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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