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2nd newsletter this week (wk of Nov 1st)

Scenic Park School Safety Plan & Procedures Nov 2020

Scenic Park School Safety Plan & Procedures is online!

LINK HERE for our Scenic Park school safety plan and procedures. It is also linked on our Scenic Park website. You can now access all elementary site plans via the ASD Website.

The goal of the School Health & Safety Process is to communicate required on-site safety protocols and processes to students, families, and staff.

We have diligently worked as a staff and with Scenic Park parent volunteers to ensure it is a useful and helpful document. Join me during Coffee and Convo sessions as we will be reviewing the document and answering questions. Of course, you are always welcome to reach out to me directly if you have questions or concerns. Rucksdashel_Lori@asdk12.org or call the front office at 907-742-1650.

K-2 Parent Survey due by Nov 6th

Are you a parent of a Kinder,1st, or 2nd grader? If so, we want to know your intentions for school return. Please complete the survey by Friday, Nov 6th.

Limiting Class Sizes

Scenic Park is planning to limit exposure and reduce the risks of transmission to students and staff through application of the CDC-recommended strategy known as β€œbubbles”. This strategy reduces exposure risks by reducing interactions among groups. Each student will be assigned to a homeroom teacher and bubble partner classroom.

We, as a school, have moved staff, classrooms, and staff assignments to meet the following objectives:

  • Reduce student class size to under 20. This will allow for maximum social distancing.

  • At this time, we only have two classrooms that are not under 20. In those specific situations, we will move one class to the library to allow more space to socially distance. The other we have assigned two connected classrooms so they can socially distance the student desk across two classrooms.

  • As we move forward, if your student if affected by any assignment or location changes, you will be notified by your student’s teacher.

  • With the changes mentioned, we will no longer have a 2nd/3rd grade split classroom. We will have a 2nd grade bubble and then a 3rd grade bubble.

Bubble Groups Listed below:

K/2 returning to school Nov 16th.

3-5 staying online until further notice.

  • K - Ms. Farrens and Mr. Armstrong

  • 1 - Ms. Cooper and Ms. Baker

  • 2 - Mrs. Kueter and Ms. Congdon

  • 3 - Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Westfall

  • 4 - Mrs. Jipping and Mrs. Hellman

  • 5 - Mrs. Oswald and Mr. Todd / Ms. Marostica

  • K IMM - Ms. Roberts and Feng Laoshi

  • 1 IMM - Mrs. Furlong and Yeung Laoshi

  • 2 IMM - Mrs. Osborn and Guo Laoshi

  • 3 IMM - Mr. Brenock-Leduc / Mrs. Dooley and Chen Laoshi

  • 4 IMM - Mrs. Mott and Chen Laoshi

Families of K-2 will be hearing from teachers by end of the day on Monday, Nov 9th with classroom assignments. Some roster changes were necessary to even out numbers as we worked to lower class sizes.

*NEW* Updated options for Chinese Immersion families

LINK HERE for a letter to Chinese Immersion families. I have also attached a PDF version to the email. The letter is from Brandon Locke, Director of World Languages. It outlines the updated options for Chinese immersion students when we return to face-to-face instruction.

A few things to note:

  • When we return face-to-face, Scenic Park will implement a half day/half day schedule. That means your student will spend half day in English and half day in Chinese.
  • If you are a K-2 IMM family, please use the parent survey to communicate your choice upon return.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please join us in one of our 3 weekly Coffee and Convo Zoom sessions, email Rucksdashel_Lori@asdk12.org, or call the front office at 907-742-1650.

Coffee & Convo

To help assist you and your family through this next change, we have added back multiple options for "Coffee & Convo". Lori will be hosting weekly zooms to share updates and answer any questions you might have.

Tuesdays @ Noon

  • Open to anyone in the Scenic Park community.

Wednesdays @ Noon

  • Chinese Immersion specific

Thursdays @ 7:00 PM

  • Open to anyone in the Scenic Park community.
  • We will send a text remind prior to the event.

Coffee & Convo Zoom Link

Email Lori if you are having any difficulty accessing open office hours:


K-2 Return to School on Nov 16th

As per the email sent Sunday evening by Dr. Bishop, "The Anchorage School District is moving forward with its plan to bring students in Pre-K - Grade 2, the Whaley School, and elementary self-contained special education programs back into school buildings on November 16 for those families ready to get back to face-to-face education."

Our return to in-person school for K-2 will be five days a week, five-and-a-half hours per day, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Grades 3-5 will stay virtual as we do not have an identified return date.

If you missed the email from Dr. Bishop, CLICK HERE to read the message.

**NEW dates: Upcoming In-Service Days**

There are several state released professional development days coming up. This means no school for students. See the dates below or link here to the ASD calendar.

  • Nov 3 - State released prof development day / no live Zoom, asynchronous learning
  • Nov 11 - State released prof development day / no live Zoom, asynchronous learning
  • Nov 12 - professional development day / no live Zoom, asynchronous learning
  • Nov 13 - professional development day / no live Zoom, asynchronous learning

In preparation for K-2 student return, Nov 12 and 13th will be professional development days / student will not attend live zooms. They will have access to activities and learning via Clever, Canvas, and Seesaw.

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